Barcode Traceability

All products are assigned a completely unique code that tracks when the produce enters the building then through production to when it is despatched from our cutting plant “UK 2166 EC” accompanied by a barcode line that holds all the products history from where it was slaughtered right up to when it enters our plant.

All of our produce is fully traceable using our bespoke self developed computer automated barcode traceability package “The Meat Tracker”.

Our labelling information also clearly states :

  • Cut in – Origin
  • Born in – Origin
  • Reared in – Origin
  • Slaughtered – Origin

Customers can buy with confidence in the fact that the product they buy has an excellent information trail to pass on to any diners should they require it at any point or that can be stated on the menu as is becoming the fashion.

For more information on our tracking system or product origins etc please feel free to contact our sales team at any time.